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"these aint yeezys nigga"


"these aint yeezys nigga"

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Aston Martin DBC concept by Samir Sadikhov

Extra sexy, this is. -Yoda


Dubai Nightscapes

by Thibaud Poirier

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Bullshit Sells! [#FCHW]

No mu-fuggin’ doubt!


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Now that’s player.


My #wcw I love this chic.. she so #sexy & #sassy

She don’t take NO shit & everything she talk she back it up #RedVelvett #IamRedVelvett #Imbetterthanyou

But wait…… (Lol)


My name is Brad Nightingale
Born 1993 Blacktown,New South Wales Australia
I am a self taught photographer from & living in Australia.
Photography for me is a way to express my self and to show people the beauty of the world through my photos.
I have always loved photography since i was a kid and will continue to love it forever.

Everything Has a Story & i love to capture that in my photos.

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Lamborghini Huracán, Forbidden for Ferrari | photographer

With The Phatness!!!!!!

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Run in wit da police today.

So I was at the Stratosphere (Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nv) and someone notified the police that I was looking suspicious taking pictures in the garage. Now before you jump on their side, just know I was on the 7th floor trying to get a better view of Las Vegas Boulevard.

He said it was suspicious because I was on the side where notorious “Naked City” is located, but 7 stories downward and shit. He was like, we don’t know if your running surveillance on someone, trying to work a hit, or take someone out. Which of course isn’t my thing.

But yea, how come I seem to always get put in these weird as categories??? C’mon Son!!

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